Dry hair cut-12

Wash and cut-19

Cut and blowdry-28


Blow dry/shampoo and set(short hair)- 14

Blow dry/shampoo and set (long hair)-18

Hair up- from 26

Bridal hair- price on consultation


Conditioning treatment inclusive of blowdry-24

conditioning treatment availiable on any service for an additional cost of 6


Colouring and permenent waving

Semi permenent tint-50

permenent tinting-60

Tint regrowth-52

Cap highlights(short hair only)-50

Full head highlights-70

Half head highlights-60

Highligts and a full head tint-80

Permenant wave(short hair)-50

Permenant wave (long hair-60

Colour correction-price on consultation.

all colouring and permenent waving includes a Cut and blowdry.

An additional charge may be added on very long/thick.

Skin test required 48 hours prior to tint application



Boys hair cut (below 14 years)-6

girls haircut (below below 6 years-5

girls cut and blowdry(below 6 years)-10

girls haircut(6-9 years- 7

girl cut and blowdry(6-9 years)-14

girls hair cut(10-14 years)-10

girls cut and blow dry (10-14 years)18



dry cut-9

wash and cut-12

cut and styling-14


cut and full head tint-30

cut and highlights-35


Senior citizens 10% discount availiable on tuesday and wednesdays

students 10% discount availiable on wednesdays and thursday (with nus card)

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